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About NorCal Bees

At NorCal Bees it is all about the bees! We are a family run business based in the San Francisco Bay Area and our goal is to help save the bees one colony at a time and educate the public along the way. Safety is our top priority followed closely by customer satisfaction and doing everything we can to save the honeybees/bumblebees we are removing. We are proud members of the Beekeepers' Guild of San Mateo County, the San Francisco Beekeepers Association, and the Santa Clara Beekeepers Guild as well as Coastside Farmers' Market.

We also enjoy creating new specialty honey's like our garlic and honey, ginger and honey, and coconut creamed honey! One of the things we love to do is working with our new clients and providing quality hives and bees for them. From finding the perfect spot for there bees, building custom hive stands and installing and maintaining the bees. We encourage our clients to get involved as much as there comfortable with. We have been working hard at expanding ourQueen rearing efforts so we can have quality Queens and Nucs (small colony of bees) available for sale to the general public.


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