• Honey Bee and Bumblebee Removal

Swarm & Structural Colony Removal of Bees

Professional, Safe, and Guaranteed

We specialize in the safe removal and relocation of honeybees and bumblebees. If the bees are in a structure or a tree we have the equipment and experience to remove and relocate them and do all repairs needed. We guarantee the bees will not be able to get back into the area after we remove them.

Indoor/Outdoor Removal From Any Place

We professionally remove colonies of bees from inside of trees, Chimney, walls, eaves and other places. Most times in the case of a swarm, we will do the removal for free. We also remove Yellow Jackets, Wasps, and Hornets.

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Better for Bees, Nature, and People

Here at NorCal Honeybee Rescue we specialize in swarm and structural colony removal all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Our number 1 goal is to always remove the bees and relocate them safely and efficiently. Most swarm removals we will do for free. But this depends on the level of danger and difficulty involved.

If and when bees move into an undesirable location such as a building or a tree, we have the specialized tools and skill to remove them. Generally when bees move into part of a structure, we have to perform a “cut out”. This involves us exposing the bees to get them out. Whether the bees just moved in or if they’ve been there for a long time usually determines how big of an access hole we need to cut. Regardless, we will do all repairs to restore the structure.

Since most times we can’t cut into a tree to get the bees, we do a “Trap Out”. Which is done by screening off the colony’s entrance. Making it easy for the bees to get out but hard to get back in. Then, mounting a swarm trap next to the tree so the bees will fly into it. This usually takes 3-4 weeks. If the tree is down or is going to be removed we can expose the colony remove the bees and comb and relocate the colony. We work with many of the local tree removal companies.

24/7 Emergency Bee Removal

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