• Bees for Sale!

Bees for Sale!


We offer high quality local queens. This year we will be offering queens that are from Randy Oliver queen cells mated locally here in the Bay Area. So you get the best of both worlds! Queens that have been bred by one of the best in the business but mated with our local stock. (Cost: $42)

Our local raised Queens come from the best of our over wintered stock that are mainly from local feral bees that we have either trapped or get from cut outs. As well as our over wintered Randy Oliver queen cell locally mated Queens. (Cost: $42)

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Bees for Sale

This year we will again be offering five frame deep nucs. Nuc stands for nucleus and that is exactly what it is! It is the nucleus of a colony of bees. You will get 5 deep drawn out frames (9 1/8″) of bees that will include brood in all stages, honey, nectar, pollen and of course the Queen Bee. Your options are nucs with….

  • (Sold Out) Overwintered Queens, usually available late March/early April: $235
  • This year's Queens from Randy Oliver Queen cells mated locally, usually available mid April/early May: $225
  • This year's local Queens, usually available mid May: $215
  • Swarm based from swarms caught this year: $185

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